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NCLE Certification Exam Review Materials

(All levels of experience)

Beginning Your Life as a Contact Lens Technician

Beginning Your Life As A Contact Lens Technician is an 8 hour, technical NCLE Review Course for those with a basic knowledge of contact lenses and who are preparing to take the NCLE certification exam.

It is written by Diane Drake, LDO, ABOM, FCLSA

This course will give the participant information that will better prepare them to sit for the NCLE examination. Included in this course will be information on anatomy and physiology of the eye, ocular pathology, drugs and disease, lifestyle factors, corneal defects, principles of optics, patient records, confidentiality, patient communication, information gathering, contact lens instrumentation, selection of contact lenses, design of contact lenses, contact lens materials and designs, fluorescein patterns, patient instructions, contact lens solutions, specialty contact lenses, verification of contact lenses, contact lens modification, patient follow-up, and troubleshooting.

This is intended as a review only and does not guarantee passage of the National Contact Lens Examination. Included in the course are:

Anatomy and physiology of the eye,
Precorneal tear film,
Ocular pathology and physiology,
Drugs and diseases/viruses affecting              contact lens wear,
Lifestyle factors,
Refractive errors,
Corneal defects,
Principles of optics,
Patient records and confidentiality,
Patient communication,
Information gathering,
Contact lens instrumentation,
Selection of contact lenses,
Designing contact lenses,
Contact lens materials and designs,
CL instrumentation,
Fluorescein patterns,
Patient instructions,
Contact lens solutions,
Specialty contact lenses,
Verification of Contact Lenses,
Lens modification,
Scheduling follow ups,

Exam Prep for Opticians - NCLE

The Exam Preparation for Opticians is geared for those studying the NCLE exam.

The NCLE package contains six workbooks and CDs, designed to be used together.

The course assumes minimal optical background and begins from ground “O” then builds, covering material necessary to succeed on the written portions of the exam.

At the conclusion of each section are 20 to 30 “practice” exam questions.

The course also serves as a training aid for new employees learning the essential skills of contact lens dispensing.

Basic Lens Design
Basic Optical Principles
Fitting & Verification
Anatomical Considerations
Advanced Techniques
Modification & Delivery

NCLE Flash Card Set

This 200 flash card set draws its inspiration from our very popular ‘Beginning Your Life as a Contact Lens Technician’ exam prep book and the spectacle exam prep counterpart, the ‘Opticians Dispensing Review’ flash cards.

Each card shows the question on one side with the answer and a brief explanation on the back.  Also included are NCLE Exam content areas, strategies for successful test taking, and references.  This is a great tool for review and self-assessment

Contact Lens Review Book

By Diane F. Drake, LDO, ABOM, NCLEM, FNAO

The new Contact Lens Review Book features hundreds of multiple choice questions-and-answers with a brief explanation for the correct answers.

The questions and answers are arranged in the same domains as found on the National Contact Lens Examiner’s Certification Exam and as referenced by the NCLE Test Content Areas and Test Specifications.  The NCLE Test Content Areas and Test Specifications are also included in this text.

Those preparing for the NCLE Certification Exam will also benefit from the Strategies for Test Taking section of the book.

It is a great self-assessment tool to define areas where more study is needed and to help build confidence right before the exam.

The original Ophthalmic Dispensing Review (ODR) that was originally published by the American Board of Opticianry and later placed with the National Academy of Opticianry included questions and answers on contact lenses. Over the years, there was a separation of study materials, and contact lens questions were dropped from the ODR. This publication is designed to have a similar format of study as the Ophthalmic Dispensing Review book. It will include questions and answers and explanations of the answers, The NCLE Test Content Areas and Test Specifications, and Strategies for Test Taking.