Speaker: Diane Drake, LDO, ABOM, FCLSA, FNAO

Dates: October 26th & 27th, 2019

Saturday & Sunday: 8 am – 5 pm

16 Classroom credit hours + 4 home study*

* – home study hours for full two day participants


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Seminar Classes

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Defining the Chief Complaint to Maximize Vision

Saturday – October 26th – 8 am – 9 am:

ABO / NCLE       Technical / Advanced

While patients and customers may come to an Optical office for any number of reasons, it is incumbent upon us to determine the particular reason or reasons and address them.  Part of patient history is identifying the “Chief Complaint” from your patient.  Whether it is visual, emotional, or something else, satisfaction is depending upon finding the source of the complaint to maximize vision.  This course will help to identify the standard history “chief complaint” as well as digging to uncover any other concerns.

Prism and Characteristics of Lenses

Saturday – October 26th – 9 am – 10 am:

ABO Level III      Technical / Advanced

This course will explain how to identify the characteristics of a lens.  Included will be plus lenses, minus lenses, prism and focal length.

Press ‘Em On

Saturday – October 26th – 10 am – 11 am:

ABO Level II       Technical / Intermediate

Whether it’s for a permanent solution, a temporary solution or even an experimental solution, press-on optics can work in a myriad of ways. This course will present information regarding the various types of press-on options and some of the applications for them.

Absorption, Transmission, Tints and Coatings

Saturday – October 26th – 11 am – 12 pm:

ABO Level III Technical / Advanced
This course presents absorption and transmission of lenses as well as the types of tints and coatings used on lenses. Included in discussion will be different types of lens materials and the properties of them with regard to absorption, transmission, tints, and coatings. A brief description of anti-reflective coatings, polarized lenses, photochromic lenses, UV coatings, scratch resistant coatings, and tints will be included.

Considerations for Low Vision

Saturday – October 26th – 1 pm – 2 pm:

ABO Level III      Technical / Advanced

This course will present information regarding low vision.  Topics included will be identifying low vision categories, how to change distance in testing the low vision patient, different types of magnification and how they benefit the patient as well as communication with the patient on how to properly use low vision aids.

What Makes Eyeglasses Fit Badly and What to do About It

Saturday – October 26th – 2 pm – 3 pm:

ABO Level III      Technical / Advanced

Being able to fit and adjust eyewear may appear to be simple, and it well could be, but not every dispenser has been able to master this particular art.  This course will discuss the reasons that eyeglasses fit badly and some solutions for solving these challenges.  Included in the discussion will be the fitting triangle, facial anatomical differences, sensitivities, prescription challenges with frames and certain materials, as well as individual preferences.  Effectively being able to communicate with the patient will also be discussed

Prentice’s Rule and Fining the Power of a Lens in any Meridian

Saturday – October 26th – 3 pm – 5 pm:

ABO Level III      Technical / Advanced

This course will include unwanted prism, prism by decentration, Prentice’s Rule, prism imbalance and finding the power of a lens in any meridian.

Designing and Dispensing Eyewear

Sunday – October 27th – 8 am – 9 am:

ABO Level I        Technical / Basic

This course will challenge the attendee to review scenarios and deduce the correct solution for the patient’s needs.  You will learn investigative techniques to determine their true visual, functional and aesthetic requirements.  The tools include detailed interviews, optical analysis, multiple measurements and custom fitting.

Taking Responsibility for your Patient’s Eyes – Sunwear is the Other First Pair

Sunday – October 27th – 9 am – 10 am:

ABO Level II       Technical / Intermediate

As more consumers than ever before are active outdoors, eyecare professionals need to realize that sunwear is just as important as a person’s indoor eyewear.  Many patients may not be aware that “real” sunwear is available in prescription as well as plano.  This course will discuss the opportunity as well as the responsibility of the ECP to introduce information to the patient/customer about the risks of not protecting their eyes with quality sunwear.   Information will include who needs quality sunwear, ocular damage caused by UV radiation, discussing lifestyle requirements for sunwear and how the ECP should position sunwear in the practice.  Included will be selling points for Rx sunwear.

Business Management

Sunday – October 27th – 10 am – 12 pm:

ABO / NCLE   General Knowledge

Learn to describe hiring and exit interview skills, discuss applicable government regulations, execute benefit packages and effective record keeping and appraise motivation, leadership and conflict resolution techniques. Discuss how to produce a business plan including an inventory plan. Learn to create and implement an employee manual and develop and implement training programs.

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly of Tear Film and Contact Lenses

Sunday – October 27th – 1 pm – 2 pm:

NCLE   Level II            Technical / Intermediate

Patients don’t like to hear “I’m sorry, but you have a dry eye, and can’t wear contact lenses any longer”.  This course will present some of the causes of dry eyes and ways to manage those patients with contact lenses.  Included in the presentation will be allergies, symptoms, and medications.  Discussion will include the various structures of the tear layer as well as other parts of the eye.

The Basics of Soft Toric Lens Fitting

Sunday – October 27th – 2 pm – 3 pm:

NCLE   Level II            Technical / Intermediate

Today, having astigmatism will not prevent patients from being fit with soft contact lenses.  This course will discuss not only what astigmatism is and the incidence of astigmatism, but will present ways to satisfactorily fit your patient with lenses.  Designs, fitting basics, diagnostics, and problem solving will be covered.

New Contact Lens Technology

Sunday – October 27th – 3 pm – 5 pm:

NCLE   Level II            Technical / Intermediate

Contact lenses play a major role in any successful optical business. This course will provide the learner with an in-depth evaluation of procedures involved in contact lens fitting, inspection, and handling. This course is designed to provide the learner with a detailed overview of contact lenses by defining pertinent terminology as well as important instrumentation used in the fitting process. The course describes special contact lens designs and their application.