Speaker: Diane Drake & Jane Buckland


March 16th & 17th

8 am – 5 pm both days

Full two day attendees receive a voucher for 4 home study credits

Location: Crowne Plaza Jacksonville Airport

14640 Duval Road

Jacksonville, FL 32218

(904) 741-4404

Group Room Rate: $119 per night

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Seminar Courses

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A Manager’s Guide to Florida Opticianry Laws and Rules

Saturday March 16th: 8 am – 10 am

Diane Drake

ABO / NCLE – General Knowledge/Florida Required

This course will present the laws and rules for opticians in Florida.  Discussion will include history, scope of practice, violations and penalties, the licensing process, and continuing education.

Preventing Medical Errors in the Optical Environment

Saturday March 16th: 10 am – 12 pm

Diane Drake

ABO / NCLE – General Knowledge/Florida Required

This course will identify medical errors in the optical environment, an understanding of how they happen and what they can cause, as well as introduce ways to prevent them.  Included in the discussion will be terms including failure mode and effects analysis; root cause analysis and assessment; as well as identification, documentation, implementation of the remedial process, and communication

Customer Service 101+ - When That is Not Enough

Saturday March 16th: 1 pm – 2 pm

Diane Drake

ABO Level II

Sometimes it seems that even though you try to “bend over backwards,” it’s not enough to satisfy some people.  Is it perception or reality?  This course will present concepts of what customer service is really all about and how to make it “over the top, customer service.”  Communication skills will be presented to demonstrate diffusing negative situations and turning them from bad experiences to great experiences.

Defining the Chief Complaint to Maximize Vision

Saturday March 16th: 2 pm – 3 pm

Diane Drake

ABO / NCLE – Level II

While patients/customers may come to an Optical office for any number of reasons, it is incumbent upon us to determine the particular reason or reasons and address them in particular.  Part of a patient history is identifying the “Chief Complaint” from your patient.  Whether it is visual, emotional, or something else, satisfaction is depending upon finding the source of the complaint to maximize vision.  This course will help to identify the standard history “chief complaint” as well as digging to uncover any other concerns.

The Secrets of the Lens Cross

Saturday March 16th: 3 pm – 4 pm

Diane Drake

ABO – Level III

This course will discuss the powers of lenses in all meridians by placing the Rx on a lens cross.  Also presented will be information that will assist the ECP in both visualizing the final Rx as well as identifying any unwanted concerns relating to the Rx. Unwanted prism and vertical imbalance will be discussed.

What are Lens Aberrations and What can we do about Them?

Saturday March 16th: 4 pm – 5 pm

Diane Drake

ABO – Level III

This course will present information regarding lower order lens aberrations as well as higher order aberrations.  It will explain the role that lower order lens aberrations have played in lens design and the effect these aberrations have on patient vision

Mirrors, Magnifiers and Telescopes

Sunday March 17th: 8 am – 9 am

Diane Drake

ABO – Level III

This course will present an overview of mirrors, magnifiers, and telescopes and where they fit into the optical practice, improving your patients’ vision.  The presentation will begin with information regarding mirrors and the different types.  It will continue with information regarding magnification and magnifiers, and conclude with optical telescopes and when they can be used to improve your patient’s vision.

Taking Responsibility for your Patient’s Eyes – Sunwear is the Other First Pair

Sunday March 17th: 9 am – 10 am

Diane Drake

ABO – Level II

As more consumers than ever before are active outdoors, eyecare professionals need to realize that sunwear is just as important as a person’s indoor eyewear.  Many patients/customers may not be aware that “real” sunwear is available in prescription as well as plano.  This course will discuss the opportunity as well as the responsibility of the ECP to introduce information to the patient/customer about the risks of not protecting their eyes with quality sunwear.   Information will include who needs quality sunwear, ocular damage caused by UV radiation, discussing lifestyle requirements for sunwear and how the ECP should position sunwear in their practices.  Included will be selling points for Rx sunwear

New Lens Materials and Designs

Sunday March 17th: 10 am – 11 am

Diane Drake

ABO – Level I

Spectacle lens materials and designs come in many varieties, each with advantages and disadvantages. We will present information on the properties of lenses such as Refractive Index, ABBE value, specific gravity and transmission percentages.  Types of designs will also be discussed.

Geometric and Applied Optics

Sunday March 17th: 11 am – 12 pm

Diane Drake

ABO – Level III

This course will deal with the optical formulas that define the performance of ophthalmic lenses.  A dispenser familiar with these formulas will be better able to understand prescription problems as they design new lenses to address the multiple issues necessary to supply the best vision for the wearer.

Principals of Soft Lens Fitting: Spherical and Toric

Sunday March 17th: 1 pm – 2 pm

Jane Buckland

NCLE – Level II

This course is intended to demonstrate to the participant fitting and design techniques that will help achieve greater success in fitting conventional as well as toric soft lenses. This presentation will explain the various types of soft lens designs and modalities available for the spherical as well as the astigmatic patient.  An explanation to the participant on how to gain skills to be able to manage follow up problems will also be discussed.

Waking Up to Modern Ortho-K

Sunday March 17th: 2 pm – 3 pm

Jane Buckland

NCLE – Level III

The introduction of “overnight” Ortho-Keratology made it possible for patients to go lens free during the day. This fitting process which became popular following the introduction of “reverse geometry “lens designs in the 80’s seems to have come and gone; or has it? This course is intended to be an introduction to the history as well as various theories of Ortho-K. Fitting recommendations, philosophies and follow up procedures will be presented. US vs: Asian market strategies will be discussed.

Ethical Guidelines for Contact Lens Dispensing: When to Refer

Sunday March 17th: 3 pm – 5 pm

Jane Buckland

NCLE – Level II

This course provides information necessary to prevent, and/or observe possible Lens related complications which could result from dispensing pre-packaged Soft Contact Lenses. A brief history of soft contact lenses and a review of basic ocular anatomy and physiology will be addressed. An explanation of soft, toric, multifocal and scleral lens modalities and complications will be presented. Lens care and contraindications will be covered. Outlining duties and responsibilities of the Contact Lens Dispenser will be described.