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Clinical Considerations for Dispensing

Clinical Considerations for Dispensing

Frank Ervin, OD, FNAO, Edmund Wnuczek, Jr., FNAO

An indispensable reference book for the career optician, this manual expresses concepts, definitions, and materials with easy to study illustrations hard to find in other reference publications. Among it’s easy to access features are an anatomy lesson, dispensing chapter, review of the concepts of light, a math review that includes easy to follow study illustrations, and a lesson on the use of the Geneva Lens Clock. Also find a set of illustrations on prism targets as seen in a lensometer, (very difficult yet important for opticians doing exam preliminaries where detection of prism in neutralization in the patient’s glasses is critical). Each chapter includes a ‘test’ review and closes with a current review of legal responsibilities to the patient.

Dictionary of Ophthalmic Optics

Dictionary of Ophthalmic Optics 

Oversized pocket dictionary of terminology for those occupied in the study or practice of topics related to ophthalmology.

Features coverage of:

” combining forms related specifically to the eye,
” common combining forms,
” combining forms showing direction and position, and
” pronunciation.
” extensively cross-referenced

Product Details:

344 pages
39 figures/illustrations
7 tables
Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 5.5

Optical Formulas Tutorial

Optical Formulas Tutorial

Authors: Ellen D. Stoner and
Patricia Perkins

This 220-page paperback is perfect for anyone having trouble with optical math and those preparing for the basic opticianry exams.

Written by opticianry school program directors, it contains optical formulas, definitions, and walk-through problems with practical examples throughout.

This book covers topics you might search through many volumes to find:

* sine, cosine and tangent;
* hand neutralization;
* power in oblique meridians;
* slab-off, resultant prism and resolving prism;
* sagittal depth and lens thickness;
* crossed cylinders;
* transmission through absorptive lenses;
* polarized filters, diffraction.


* math review;
* basic theory of light;
* lenses;
* prisms;
* surfacing and finishing;
* advanced lens formulas, and
* image formation.

Appendices include a basic glossary and 1995 ANSI trigonmetric tables. Recommended by ABO as reference for the Advanced Certification exam.

Successful Optical Dispensing

Successful Optical Dispensing

This book deals with:

* ophthalmic frames;
* ophthalmic instrumentation;
* ordering ophthalmic lenses, and
* final inspection & delivery.

There are review questions and answers at the end of each chapter to test what you have learned.